Monday, May 29, 2006

fairy shirt

fairy shirt
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Here's what I did today in about 30 minutes!
I found the stencil image at Stencilry on Live Journal
here's a link...Stencilry
This is addictive! :)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

bunny spot

bunny spot
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This is what you do when you have an annoying little red spot on your arm and a sharpie marker.
Make sure your little kids aren't watching!!!
It is kindof cute!

What I've been doing...

My creation

Click on the images to see a larger picture.

Well, I got all my onesies done and shipped and now my swap stuff done and shipped. Yipee!
Here's the stuff I've been working on for my swap on Craftster!
I got it done rather quickly but I'm very pleased with the results!
In the first photo is a t-shirt fixed to look like Syndrome from the Incredibles with a blue super hero cape!
Originally I thought I would attach the cape, then decided a seperate one would be better for a 3 yr old.
I put the S on with a feezer paper stencil that I free hand drew.

Then I made the little girl a cute little pink and white daisy sundress with flower buttons at the shoulders.
I happened to have a daisy hair clip my sister had crocheted out of embroidery floss that matched just perfectly!
The little mouse is made from furry felt that I had on hand from a free stuffie pattern at Sewing Stars that was super easy to make!
I made it look sleepy so the little recipient might like to take it to "night night" with her. :o)
Last but NOT LEAST....
I was requested to make ID bracelets because they are going international in a few weeks and wanted something in case they God forbid get seperated from Mom.
I used a new Velcro I found and made lables with transfer paper ironed onto muslin and sewn to attach.
As you can see "ID INSIDE" is all that can be seen and the Mothers information is on the inside.
That way if they do get away, the person who picks up the child has to match the name in the ID.
My son thought they were so cool that he wore his for quite a while!
I'm making them for all my family and friends with little ones.
The shoe ID's are just the same but they hook on the buckles or laces of the shoes or just about anywhere you want to hook them.
Do you like the cheesy shoe cards I drew so the Mom would know how they attach? Hey! It get's the point across!:o)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Things are looking up...

They really are. First off my Mother is home from the hospital and starting to walk on her own. I feel so lucky that she's still with us and not in any pain and starting to get some strength back. I love her very very much.

On a little lighter note, I did the craft show at the festival and did pretty good!
It's always nice to get a little money back from all those fabric purchases. :o)
This was really a flea market but there were a few crafters mixed in and I had a pretty good day all together.
I sold lots of onesies and got some orders and gave out a ton of business cards.
Last year was my first show and I was still getting special orders for 9 months after the show! yee haa.
Here's a new picture of my set up, I was getting rather low on merchandise when I snapped this pic. and the wind was blowing hard.
I plan to really revamp my set up and get a book together with onesie sayings that are categorized to help inspire customers.
I asked my husband for some ideas for cowboy sayings and here's what he said..

country boy
chicks dig me
hey ladies...i'm single
I'm up to somethin'
road the horse, won the buckle (my sis said this one)
Aren't those funny? I think so.

I also want to make some sample boards that show some names and initials
and little things that I can embroidery to.
I'll also be offering birth announcement onesies that have the babies info on it and then you can take a pic of your baby in the onesie and send it out with your announcements!

Baby Gus
Dec 29th 2005 3:03pm
8lbs. 7oz. 19in long
(or whatever the people want)
Oh the ideas are just swirling in my head about as fast as the wind outside is!
Now I have to finish my orders (almost done) and get started on my Craftster swap items so I can get to making some cute stuff for my boys and my shows!
I'll be posting my newest creations soon.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've been busy

I'm sorry for not writing lately.
My Mother has gotten more sick lately, she has lung cancer and she broke her shoulder about 2 weeks ago on the side she writes with and then had chemo which in addition to some other infections made her really sick.
This happened one other time and she ended up in the hospital and we thought it was the end. It was a very sad time, I was 7 months pregnant and the hormones just made me sob whenever I thought about her (which is all the time).
Back in October when we a scare she snapped out of it in a few days so we had hope this time and sure enough she seems to be bouncing back!
Great news!!!
I've always been very close to my Mom so this has been really hard.
She's going on 2 years this summer so we've been very very lucky!
All in all, she isn't in any pain just week in her legs so walking is tricky and she tends to be wobbly.
She went into the hospital the day after Mothers Day so that wasn't good either.
Hopefully her counts will get back up and she can come home by next week.
With her counts (white blood cell counts) being low that means that she can get infections real easy and so they won't allow kids in her room. So I can't stay for long because with me breastfeeding my littlest one I can't leave him at home with Daddy so one of my sisters has to sit out in the waiting room and play with him while I get to see her. Total bummer.

Then I signed up for a craft show to sell my hand crafted baby items at the annual river festival in Wichita and I haven't been very productive.
I don't know why I put everything off 'till the last minute???
Well, today I stitched up 13 onesies so at least I got something done!!!!!
More to stitch tomorrow!
Now if I can just get Baby Gus to let me lay him down without me having to lay down with him. Oh, those 2 hour naps are great but I have things to do!
Good news is that my Hubby doesn't have to work overtime on Saturday so he's agreed to go with me to set up the heavy stuff. This will be the first time I have had to do this with a new baby and pretty much by myself.
He said he'd hang out at the festival and entertain the boys and get me food.
My sisters will be staying with our Mom otherwise they would have been with me.
After the show is over I have a swap on Craftster that I'm doing and then I think I'll start making some things for the boys.
Have a great weekend!!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Some of my onesies

Here is a sample of some of the onesies I make to sell at my shows.
They usually go for $8 each.
My first show I made 72 of these and could have easily sold twice that many.
I really enjoy doing the hand embroidery on these, people are surprised when I tell them I do them by hand but it's really rather easy!
I've just discovered lately that holding a baby makes it just a wee bit more of a challenge to get them done as quick as I used to. :)
But babies are only little for a little while, so I guess I'll just have to work them in between kissing my kids.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Superman at 3 years old

I'm really trying to find out what it's going to take to get this little Superman to keep his underwear dry.
Yesterday he wet his underwear so many times I lost count
I was just about in tears.

So I decided to go and get some pull ups and keep setting the timer to take him every 30 min. like I have been doing but just use the pull ups instead of having to wash 15 pairs of underwear. I know I'm a wimp.

When we went to the store to get the pull ups Jaden seen a Superman hat and asked for me to make a cape.
So of course being the crafty mom that I am, I said OK and made this one during nap time.
I told him he can keep his cape as long as his underwear stays dry. We'll see if this works.
I'll have to keep this picture for when he get's married!
bad mama! :)

Monday, May 08, 2006


Here's my newest sign that has a little bit of a shabby look going for it.
I decided to scrap the foam core board that I was putting in the middle because quite frankly I couldn't cut it strait.
So this time I printed up the words in rose on card stock in a pretty font and sewed it onto some pink toile with some chenille with pom pom accents and a little pink button.
Sewed it to a layer of batting and more toile and then used the pinking sheers to go around the edge.
I think this turned out nicer then the first.
And besides it's more of my design.
Now I need to get more made for the shows!

Saturday, May 06, 2006 sleeping

Well the other day I was looking through the American Baby magazine and seen an article about getting your baby to sleep and seen a little sign that inspired this one.
I'm fortunate that for now baby Gus sleeps most of the night only waking to nurse and Jaden sleeps all night. It's a good thing.
Anyhoo... I thought I would make some of these signs to see how they sell at my shows because they're really fun and quick to whip up.
Sorry for the grayness but it's rather cloudy out but I really wanted to share. :)

Thrift store score

I took the kids to the little local thrift store today with wool sweaters on my list to make cloth diaper wool wraps.
And guess what? I couldn't find any so I asked the lady working and she went in the back and brought out a tub of winter clothes and I found 3 100% lambs wool sweaters!!! score!
I'm washing them right now in hot water to make them full down.
I've never made or used cloth diapers before but I have lots of stuff to make them with and I could really use the extra $$$ that disposable diapers are costing us and then there are the ecological reasons.
Then I found this adorable mug! Isn't this cute? And so close the Mothers Day. Sweet.

Oh and I have to mention the GAP jeans for Gus in mint condition for just 50 cents! score!

Wash rag bunny

Baby Gus really likes to pull his burp cloth up to his mouth and chew on it so I thought I would make him something to chew on!
I made a tutorial over on Craftster a while back on how to make a Gnome out of a couple of wash clothes and I thought I would make a bunny also.
This is one of those things that little babies really like and you can make it into just about any caracture you want... puppy, kitten, bunny, gnome, baby you name it!
Heres a link to the gnome tutorial. enjoy. Let me know if you would like the information on making it into a bunny. :)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Potty training

So I have this cute little guy who just turned 3 and still wears diapers.
His Mom is a weenie! pure and simple! I tried to do the potty training thing a couple of weeks ago and all it seemed like I was doing was being a puppeteer by taking Jaden to the bathroom every 45 min to an hour and spending at least 30 min each time trying to get him to actually go, THEN I basically give up and have him get up and put his pants on and then 5 min later he either wets or worse. that was the game we played for a week and a half.
So I decided to give up and give us both a break and go back to diapers. I admit it I'm a failure.
I just get very irritable having to sit in the bathroom for 30 min all day long and then still have to clean up the floor so for my own sanity I stopped.

I decided to start again but this time I bought some training pants that have vinyl covers sewn on them and that holds a little more then just training pants alone.
We've had a pretty good day today, he actually asked to go potty during his nap and went yuckypoo!!! This was the first time in about 7 months since he's done a yuckypoo in the potty!!!
Yipee! We do a dance after he finishes singing a made up song about going potty.
I decided not to sit in the bathroom too! I have a good view from the living room and I think that's a little motivation to get done a little quicker.
I read somewhere that at the age of 3 if a child isn't trained it's a matter of will not skill.
That got me thinking we needed to get started again.
Plus Jaden has really started talking more in sentences and we actually have conversations so I think this little guy is playin his Mama!!!
Wouldn't getting potty trained be about the best Mothers Day present a 3 year old could give his dear sweet Mama? I THINK SO!!! xoxo
I love you Jaden! Keep up the great progress!!!

Freezer paper stencils....

Well like most everyone else I too have got on the addictive bandwagon called freezer paper stenciling. :oD
I have to say that it is really fun and easy to do.
I first got inspired over by Amy over at angry chicken when I read her blog and she showed some of the shirts she made for her little girl. Tooooo cute!
I had already checked out Craftster but didn't act on it until I was re-inspired.
Well without further adoo...

Jaden seemed to like the shirt well enough, I think I should have put the stencil of the little gnome and muchrooms on a shirt for me, besides I'm the one that loves gnomes so much.

I drew it myself with a little bit of inspiration from a cookie cutter that I recieved from my sis for Christmas. I first drew it on paper then drew it on the computer.

Now what should I make next?