Monday, January 30, 2006

Baby Gus' Halloween Costume 2006

Baby Gus Halloween 2006, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Well, I made Jaden a costume last year that's an adorable puppy outfit (pic coming soon!) and at the time I was well over 7 months pg and my mom was in the hospital so after visiting her in town I ended up not feeling up to taking Jaden trick or treating, I know bad mama but he was just little enough that he didn't mind and really didn't need that kind of quantities of candy, and mama and daddy didn't either! LOL.
Anyway, I took Jaden this year to a couple of different Halloween activities and I was just putting Gus in some store bought costumes that Grandma CJ had bought Jaden for his first Halloween, there was a clown, dalmatian, bumble bee and a chili pepper.
I felt like I was kind of giving Gus the slip on his first Halloween and being that he's so cute and he has a mama that can sew I thought I should step up and do something.
Don't get me wrong, I'm totally cool with store bought or hand me down costumes but I had everything in the house so I sat down Saturday morning and got my furry felt out I didn't have a pattern, I guess I've made a few too many stuffed animals in my time so I just winged it and this is what I came up with!
I call him Blue Jean Teddy!
I started with the hat first then I got to thinking about how to make feet with little bear toenails and after I made those and put it all on Gus, Jaden said "you have to make him paws!" so knowing how little ones don't like there hands covered, I devised a wristband with a little paw on it. All in all it took me maybe 1 hour to make and I didn't have to rip anything! It felt like this was the 100 bear costume I had made....smooth sewing, rather strange if you ask me.
I guess the Halloween costume fairies were watching over me that morning! HA!
He doesn't even mind wearing the whole contraption!
I just have to give him something to play with when I put it on and he leaves it on. What a sweetie!