Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Freezer paper stencils....

Well like most everyone else I too have got on the addictive bandwagon called freezer paper stenciling. :oD
I have to say that it is really fun and easy to do.
I first got inspired over by Amy over at angry chicken when I read her blog and she showed some of the shirts she made for her little girl. Tooooo cute!
I had already checked out Craftster but didn't act on it until I was re-inspired.
Well without further adoo...

Jaden seemed to like the shirt well enough, I think I should have put the stencil of the little gnome and muchrooms on a shirt for me, besides I'm the one that loves gnomes so much.

I drew it myself with a little bit of inspiration from a cookie cutter that I recieved from my sis for Christmas. I first drew it on paper then drew it on the computer.

Now what should I make next?


elasticwaistbandlady said...

So, if Jaden runs around in that shirt does that make him "The Roaming Gnome"?


Julie said...

You know what's funny?
I have a Travelocity gnome statue!!!