Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Some of my onesies

Here is a sample of some of the onesies I make to sell at my shows.
They usually go for $8 each.
My first show I made 72 of these and could have easily sold twice that many.
I really enjoy doing the hand embroidery on these, people are surprised when I tell them I do them by hand but it's really rather easy!
I've just discovered lately that holding a baby makes it just a wee bit more of a challenge to get them done as quick as I used to. :)
But babies are only little for a little while, so I guess I'll just have to work them in between kissing my kids.


CC said...

My children decorated their onesies all by themselves with spots and dots of different baby food colors and nice brown markings along the back and leg areas. Little Picasso's, they are.

So you hand embroider? Wow!

Moi said...

Holy smokes! That's by hand? That looks machine embroidered! Well done!

Julie said...

I have some of those self decorated onesies!
I do think they start off much cuter when I decorate them though. :o)