Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Baby girl monster

Baby girl monster
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Here's a little girl monster that we again found near our home, only this time it was in the wood pile.
She wasn't crying when we found her but she just kept looking up at Jaden with those big blue eyes and grunting like she wanted to be picked up. What were we to do? Just leave her there? Inconcievable!
She was covered with dirt and wood chips so we washed her with dog shampoo and blow dried her and she seemed to be purring so I think she liked it!

This little darling went to live with my neice for her 4th birthday, I think they will get along smashingly!

Self portrait

Self portrait
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I've been wondering what type of picture to use for my banner, you know, one that shows you who I am but not too distracting.
So I got to thinking what I should do is put on my favorite clothes and snap a picture.
I love over-alls, I know they aren't really the most flattering garments but with all the pockets they really rock! And these are a pair of my favorites, I bought them new and over the years they have became so soft! Then I put on one of my favorite shirts, I like this one because it's such a pritty burnt red color with the little teeny flowers and the little ruffle at the neck! Then of course I had to put in the scissors in the pocket! Well I couln't put the sewing machine in it! :)
Hopefully this get's across who I am.
I'm a strong yet soft person that likes to sew. (don't laugh sis!)
I think I actually managed to not photograph my double chin in this shot too! Gotta love that!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm moving to Typepad

Hi Everyone!
I decided I'd take the leap and go on over to Typepad!
I really like Blogger but I think Typepad is a lot easier to work with.
This will be my last post on Blogger so please come over and say hi!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Papa rocks shirt

Papa rocks shirt, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Here's a shirt that I just did for my sister to give to her grandson who just turned 1. He loves his Papa!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Adventures of a baby monster

My creation
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Here is a few of the pictures of the little baby monster we found in the garden under a mushroom. He was crying his eyes out and was groaning for his mama. I think she must have just wandered off and left him.
Such a sad ending it could have been if we hadn't found him in time!!!
Gus and Jaden have taken quite a liking to him and named him Pilcher, luckly he doesn't eat anything but weeds and spiders (2 things I hate!) so he's a very good thing to have around!
We think we might just have to go back and see if we can find some more!

These pictures show Pilcher playing hide and seek with Jaden, stealing a ride on the garden tractor sprinkler, sun bathing in the flowers and his mug shot just in case he get's lost again.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gus and I

Here's what I did the other morning.
I've heard of Self portrait Tuesdays but I seem to always do this on
It was really beautiful in the morning, Gus was his usual smiley face so I thought I'd put on a little makeup and put a little curl in the hair and get Gus dressed and set the timer on the digital camera!
Jaden was still asleep so he didn't get to be in the shot until later and by then it was getting a little hot and he wasn't wanting to be cooperative.
I had told my hubby the night before that I didn't have any pictures of Gus and I except for the one quick shot of me laying in bed with him in my arms right after my C-section! And I had just had my hair done that morning and it had all that gel and hairspray in it and I think I looked pretty bad from laying with a hair cover on for an hour or so.
My hubby said I looked fine but I needed a more vertical picture. :)
It's funny how I take pictures of all my family, and no one takes any of me. I guess that's what I get for living 30 miles from my sisters and in a home with a cowboy and 2 little kids!
Who would take pictures if I wasn't here? NO ONE!
So I guess I just have to set the camera on the timer every now and then and do it myself!
So here ya go... my picture. more to come someday....:)

PS I just noticed that this picture has some strong similarities with my blog photo (minus the flowers in my hair)! Red shirt, child in denim, holding child on left side! I think I need to try something new. :) But those are my favorite colors.

little orange monster puppet

I decided to go on a cleaning spree and ran across this little guy I made a about 6 months ago after watching Potty Time with Bear in the Big Blue House a few times and I really love the otters so I tried my hand at making a puppet.
This one doesn't really have a regular mouth like the professional ones do, it has more of a sock puppet kind of mouth where you just tuck it in and it didn't really want to stay so I sewed a loop of elastic where the mouth is and you slip it on your index finger and there ya go!
He has quite a lot of personality but my 3 yr old seems more interested in his Mater from Pixar's Cars! Oh well. :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I've started a new Flicker group!

That's right crafty girls!
I thought it might be fun to start a group where everyone can post pictures of all the neat stuff we make for the little ones in our lives.
Handmade clothes (new and altered), stuffies, toys, decorations, accessories and just about anything else!

I'd love to see what you've made!
Crafting for kids Flickr group join here !
please please please please please!

baby crinkle bag toy

baby crinkle bag
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With Baby Gus really into chewing on stuff I thought I'd make him a little chew toy.
I used some of my treasured Sock Monkey Yearbook fabric on one side and some red polka dot fabric with a big fleece "G", then I put rainbow rickrack and assorted ribbons for different feel and texture and then stuffed it with a big Doritos bag that I previously washed and dried and crammed inside.
I added some rings to it and there ya go! Crinkly and chewable!
A variation of this could be good for kitties too I think.
Can you tell he likes it? I think he does. :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

I also decorated his onesie (suprised?:)
I did tie dye and put a little fleece worm with a bow tie and an orange book.
Reading is good!

Yummy fingers

Gus' new pants

I made Gus some pants today. I was planning on getting a little more fancy but then I decided to at least try the pattern out first.
I've been looking for a pattern with a wider leg and it seems like most patterns have tapered legs.
Well I think this pair turned out pretty cute!
Next I think I'll make a pair of reversable pants so I can turn the cuff up and show a coordinating fabric. Too cute!