Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've been busy

I'm sorry for not writing lately.
My Mother has gotten more sick lately, she has lung cancer and she broke her shoulder about 2 weeks ago on the side she writes with and then had chemo which in addition to some other infections made her really sick.
This happened one other time and she ended up in the hospital and we thought it was the end. It was a very sad time, I was 7 months pregnant and the hormones just made me sob whenever I thought about her (which is all the time).
Back in October when we a scare she snapped out of it in a few days so we had hope this time and sure enough she seems to be bouncing back!
Great news!!!
I've always been very close to my Mom so this has been really hard.
She's going on 2 years this summer so we've been very very lucky!
All in all, she isn't in any pain just week in her legs so walking is tricky and she tends to be wobbly.
She went into the hospital the day after Mothers Day so that wasn't good either.
Hopefully her counts will get back up and she can come home by next week.
With her counts (white blood cell counts) being low that means that she can get infections real easy and so they won't allow kids in her room. So I can't stay for long because with me breastfeeding my littlest one I can't leave him at home with Daddy so one of my sisters has to sit out in the waiting room and play with him while I get to see her. Total bummer.

Then I signed up for a craft show to sell my hand crafted baby items at the annual river festival in Wichita and I haven't been very productive.
I don't know why I put everything off 'till the last minute???
Well, today I stitched up 13 onesies so at least I got something done!!!!!
More to stitch tomorrow!
Now if I can just get Baby Gus to let me lay him down without me having to lay down with him. Oh, those 2 hour naps are great but I have things to do!
Good news is that my Hubby doesn't have to work overtime on Saturday so he's agreed to go with me to set up the heavy stuff. This will be the first time I have had to do this with a new baby and pretty much by myself.
He said he'd hang out at the festival and entertain the boys and get me food.
My sisters will be staying with our Mom otherwise they would have been with me.
After the show is over I have a swap on Craftster that I'm doing and then I think I'll start making some things for the boys.
Have a great weekend!!!!

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elasticwaistbandlady said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom.

I'm a classic procrastinator too, but I find that the sudden adrenaline rush and sense of urgency to get things done and NOW, really propels me forward and I work faster and better. Sounds like we may be similar. Also, that your husband has so graciously volunteered to bring you food throughout the craft show sounds awesome. I love event food, especially elephant ears, funnel cakes, sausage on a stick, roasted corn..........okay, you get the idea.

Have fun, sell lots of stuff!