Saturday, May 27, 2006

What I've been doing...

My creation

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Well, I got all my onesies done and shipped and now my swap stuff done and shipped. Yipee!
Here's the stuff I've been working on for my swap on Craftster!
I got it done rather quickly but I'm very pleased with the results!
In the first photo is a t-shirt fixed to look like Syndrome from the Incredibles with a blue super hero cape!
Originally I thought I would attach the cape, then decided a seperate one would be better for a 3 yr old.
I put the S on with a feezer paper stencil that I free hand drew.

Then I made the little girl a cute little pink and white daisy sundress with flower buttons at the shoulders.
I happened to have a daisy hair clip my sister had crocheted out of embroidery floss that matched just perfectly!
The little mouse is made from furry felt that I had on hand from a free stuffie pattern at Sewing Stars that was super easy to make!
I made it look sleepy so the little recipient might like to take it to "night night" with her. :o)
Last but NOT LEAST....
I was requested to make ID bracelets because they are going international in a few weeks and wanted something in case they God forbid get seperated from Mom.
I used a new Velcro I found and made lables with transfer paper ironed onto muslin and sewn to attach.
As you can see "ID INSIDE" is all that can be seen and the Mothers information is on the inside.
That way if they do get away, the person who picks up the child has to match the name in the ID.
My son thought they were so cool that he wore his for quite a while!
I'm making them for all my family and friends with little ones.
The shoe ID's are just the same but they hook on the buckles or laces of the shoes or just about anywhere you want to hook them.
Do you like the cheesy shoe cards I drew so the Mom would know how they attach? Hey! It get's the point across!:o)

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