Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Potty training

So I have this cute little guy who just turned 3 and still wears diapers.
His Mom is a weenie! pure and simple! I tried to do the potty training thing a couple of weeks ago and all it seemed like I was doing was being a puppeteer by taking Jaden to the bathroom every 45 min to an hour and spending at least 30 min each time trying to get him to actually go, THEN I basically give up and have him get up and put his pants on and then 5 min later he either wets or worse. that was the game we played for a week and a half.
So I decided to give up and give us both a break and go back to diapers. I admit it I'm a failure.
I just get very irritable having to sit in the bathroom for 30 min all day long and then still have to clean up the floor so for my own sanity I stopped.

I decided to start again but this time I bought some training pants that have vinyl covers sewn on them and that holds a little more then just training pants alone.
We've had a pretty good day today, he actually asked to go potty during his nap and went yuckypoo!!! This was the first time in about 7 months since he's done a yuckypoo in the potty!!!
Yipee! We do a dance after he finishes singing a made up song about going potty.
I decided not to sit in the bathroom too! I have a good view from the living room and I think that's a little motivation to get done a little quicker.
I read somewhere that at the age of 3 if a child isn't trained it's a matter of will not skill.
That got me thinking we needed to get started again.
Plus Jaden has really started talking more in sentences and we actually have conversations so I think this little guy is playin his Mama!!!
Wouldn't getting potty trained be about the best Mothers Day present a 3 year old could give his dear sweet Mama? I THINK SO!!! xoxo
I love you Jaden! Keep up the great progress!!!


elasticwaistbandlady said...

My 4 year old son didn't fully potty train until a month prior to his fourth birthday in August. Meanwhile my 3 year old mastered it well before him and kind of paved the way for her big brother to learn.

Sometimes peer pressure and sibling rivalry is a good thing.

Julie said...

Nothing like a little sibling rivalry!