Sunday, February 04, 2007

I will be off line for a few days, I need to have my laptop serviced and I don't know when it will be back (hopefully quick!)
When I open it there are strange blue shadows and sometimes not screen at all and I just have to be a big girl and let it go to the doctor for a few days.
Say a prayer for my computer if you would! ;o) And I'll be back soon.
Take care everyone,

Friday, February 02, 2007

Teacup pot

Teacup pot
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This is HUGE!
I found this cool giant tea cup flower pot at Wal-mart. sweet
I have been meaning to replant the tall plant you see here for, ummm, about oh, 3 years (hows that for procrastinating?) and finally did it.
It was originally sitting on my window sill above my kitchen sink somehow surviving on the original little bit of potting soil it came with.
I'm a bad plant mama but it just kept living and growing new leaves!
I guess if this little baby is this strong she deserves a nice new pot and a little ivy roommate.
With this thing on my dining room table do you think I might maybe be able to keep my table clean? doubtful.

Oh, can you see Gus peeking from behind the cup?
If you didn't notice before, he was peeking through my Bernina in my post about my new sewing machine. what a ham.

Have you tried these?

I finally broke down and paid $9.99 for these little things that look like dog toys and you know what? THEY REALLY WORK!!!!
They have cut down the drying time of a load of jeans by at least 20 minutes and are really handy for drying my cloth diapers.
They basically work by making the clothes not just lay against the sides of the dryer which in turn allows more air to get in between the items and they dry quicker.
These little gems claim to reduce static , make your clothes fluffier and reduce drying time which saves on electricity and all in all I think it really stands up to it's claim.
There supposed to last approximately 3 months too.
Isn't it nice when something actually works? I believe so!
I'll give this item 5 stars. Now go out and get ya some! I found these on the laundry isle of Wal-mart.
(I am not affiliated with this company nor am I getting any kickbacks either. darn it! LOL!)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I got a new toy, it's a Bernina Aurora 430!

My Bernina
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I have a new toy!
Now if I can just figure out how to use all it's bells and whistles. LOL!
I decided to take a little bit of my inheritance from my mom and go get something she would have definately approved of, this little beauty also has the embroidery attachment that I went ahead and got so I can personalize items that I sell.
I set up the embroidery part and sewed a couple things but with the kids not on the same nap schedule it's getting harder and harder to get to play with it so for now it's just for sewing.
I told DH that he could go get a small tractor if he wanted and he just opted for a new tattoo. (crazy, I know!)
I'll have to take a picture of it when he gets it done, he designed it himself with Cherokee symbols that say I love my family.
Ahhhh sweet.
I tried to convince him to get one that said "Property of Julie" but for some reason he decided that wasn't what he wanted. :'P
Actually I got a tattoo of a barbed wire heart just above my left breast one year for Valentines day and gave him a coupon for a barbed wire tattoo so he got one that went around his upper arm.
DH's wedding band is gold with barbed wire that he designed himself so the barbed wire design kindof means "I love Julie/Dan" to us. Corney but it works.
Have a great day!