Monday, October 30, 2006

You'd be mad too if someone was getting sick on your head!

Pumpkins, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

I actually got a pumpkin carved today! Can you believe it?
I know, not very original but Jaden and I had fun, he pretended like he was the pumpkin and was asking me to be careful and gentle while cutting out his features. Silly boy.
I decided to make a little pukie guy, I guess the little guy is scared of heights and got sick on his Pa. Hahahahahahahahaha!
I have 3 more that can use a carving so I think I might look around the net and see what I can come up with...
I'll post updates if I get anymore done.... now off to roast some punkin' seeds...yum!

And here's another pic of little Baby Gus in the jumper I made for Jaden for his first Halloween, it fits Gus great and my Nephew wore it last year! I wonder how many more babies will get to wear it before it gets retired?

I also made a decorated shirt for Jaden this year, I'll post a picture of it soon.

Halloween Jumper

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Diaper Keyring Fluff

My Diaper Keyring Fluff, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Now what do you do when you want to show your cloth diapers but it's getting cold outside to pull your babies pants off and show them off?
Well you carry it around on your keyring that's what!
I made this little darling just like it's big brothers only miniature, It's even washable!
I'm thinking about selling them in my Etsy shop!
Whatcha think?

Friday, October 13, 2006

My first fancy AIO cloth diaper

Well, I know I can sew but sometimes I don't give myself very much credit.

I bought this pattern for the Very Baby Very Basic All in One cloth diaper pattern recently from The Diaper Shop and I've been just looking at it for a couple of weeks, and with all the sad things going on I haven't been motivated to clean my house just so I can start sewing so I finally cleared a pile and cut out the diaper. I think it turned out pretty cute, it looks just like the pictures on there site minus the little Very Baby tag, so I was pretty surprised! I tried to sew with Jaden around and he just can't keep away from the mesmerizing magic of a sewing machine in use so it was a little challenging to say the least! LOL I was reading in the diaper making forums that one mom suggested sewing while the children are sleeping and I think this is a grand idea, but today Gus went down at 11 till 3 and Jaden went down for his nap at 2 and he'll probably be down for 2 1/2 hours so today that just ain't going to happen, but that's OK. I was just too motivated.

Gorgeous Gus the cloth diaper model

Here's Gorgeous Gus modeling his new diaper, I think he approves. :o)

I wanted to make some like this so my husband can't say that "Cloth diapers are just too complicated for me!!!" (he builds airplanes for goodness sake!), this style is called an All in One because it works just like a sposie but you wash them instead of trashing them. Now what's his excuse? :o)

I made it with an outer layer of PUL fabric which is a waterproof fabric on the inside and a soft polyester on the outside and the inside is 2 layers of Super Flannel with a flannel double that has I think 6 layers so I think this is going to work really nice. I have enough fabric to make probably 4 more just like this.

I should have got in gear earlier this summer so I could have made some really cute prints and just put on a t-shirt so I could show off my cloth diapers! It's really fun to see peoples expressions when I say I use cloth diapers. (she must be really stupid and/or poor!!!) Well, not stupid or poor, just on a tight budget with a huge imagination and a sewing machine! ;o) The premade Very Baby diapers retail for about $18.50 on the net!

I'm also going to go Saturday to check out a shop in a nearby town that rents space in their gift shop so I can sell my baby items locally without going to craft shows to do it. Man those craft shows are a ton of work and with Baby Gus now I don't see any craft shows happening very soon!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I'm tired

We had her funeral Saturday and I couldn't believe how it seems like time was standing still, we had only been there an hour or so but it felt more like 6, I was so exhausted by the end of the day that I didn't even dream when I went to sleep which was probably a huge blessing! We all went to bed and forgot to turn off the computer or the living room lights and we left the front door unlocked!

I've held up pretty good, but this morning I opened the closet and there was her jacket hanging on the hook from one of her last visits. So I cried while I brought in my share of the flowers. The jacket is a pink fleece so I was thinking about making a little pillow to put on my bed to sleep with. Mom would probably be mad that I cut up a perfectly good jacket though! :o)

My 3 1/2 yr old has been doing really great but I wonder when he's going to notice that Grammie isn't anywhere. She wasn't moving or talking for about a month so who knows. When we were sitting at the grave site the pall bearers rolled her casket on the stand and he said "cool" wouldn't it be nice to be able to handle this stuff with stride like little kids? I think if he asks where Grammie is I'll just tell him that she went to heaven and leave it at that. I don't want to get him all worried about that sort of stuff if I can help it.

On a little happier note, I took the kids to see Disney on Ice with my niece and great nephew and it was pretty good. What I hate is how expensive all the toys are and how they shove them in our faces! The tickets were $18 each with $3 for parking and then they were charging $18 for a small bag of cotton candy and a cheap 101 Dalmatian dog mask! Now I don't know if I've made it clear that I am a rather new tightwad but I just about choked at the prices! Everything at the show was $15-$30 and I seen kids with costumes on and arms full of toys. geez I told my niece that if we do this again we need to go to the Disney store and buy some stuff on clearance and pack it away for the next show! :o) My mama would be proud of my thriftiness. Oh and talking about being tired, me and the boys laid down for a nap at 1:30 and didn't wake up till the phone rang at 4:30 and the show started at 5!!! Thank goodness my husband helped me get the kids dressed! I realized after we got home that I had put Jadens tennis shoes on the wrong feet! I really was tired. ;o)

Take care everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your sweet and heartfelt kind wishes for my family and I.

God Bless you all. xoxoxo

Thursday, October 05, 2006

She's gone

Mom Mothers Day 2005

Mom passed away this morning at 7am peacefully in her bed in her own home. My sister was with her and noticed that her breathing had gotten labored so she quietly told her that it was OK to go and that we would all be alright and she died a short time later.
JoAnn Oaks will be missed more then I could ever put into words.
My mother was very strong and knew how to take care of herself and her family and we were her life.
I had a chance to tell her one of the last times she bounced back from being so close to dying that I was so proud of how she raised us girls all on her own and how grateful I was for all the hard work she always did for us and that I loved her with all my heart so I was at that place where I could let her go to heaven to be with everyone she missed.
Mom would have been 70 on December 5th this year, way to young to be taken but she had a good life and has a family that loved her very much.
We decided to bury mom in a pretty red fleece top with her fanny pack purse that she ALWAYS had one and her hiking boots so she can go camping on Heaven Mountain instead of Colorado this time. I'm going to put a fresh pack of her favorite Wrigley's Double Mint gum in her fanny pack so she has it if she needs it.

I love you mom, I'm sorry about putting this picture of you on the net, but I think you look cute in your little cover girl pose. *wink wink*

Little found dog

Lucy the little found dog

How cute is this little doll?

This little lady appeared on my doorstep about a week and a half ago with just a little collar on but no tag. My Hubby had picked up Jaden from my Moms house where I was staying over night and when he got home she was on the porch shivering.

Dan actually put her in the garage with a dog bed, food and water, he must have really felt bad for her because he's the kind of guy that would prefer that ALL pets stay outside, but alas he married a woman that would have ALL pets stay inside sleeping in a huge double king sized and all! LOL

Well after I spent the weekend staying with Mom, I got home and took a look at her and she just followed me in the house like she was home. She had obviously rolled in most likely horse poo and she really stunk so I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink and she was very well behaved. Monday morning I called Animal Control and told them I had her so if anyone was missing her they could come and get her, if I had had them pick her up they will destroy her in 3 days and I wouldn't let that happen so I just gave them my info.

She slept on the floor in the bedroom on a towel and even in Jadens bed one night and she is totally potty trained!!!!! Quite the sweetheart.

Well anyways, our friend put an ad in the little local paper for a found dog, and her owner put an ad on the local cable channel saying she lost a dog only we don't have cable so we didn't see it, she even called AC and they said they didn't know of any dogs by that discription!!! So just as luck would have it someone seen both and called her owner and then she called me. 9 days later she was returned to her family! The lady was really grateful to have her back and I mentioned how great the instant engraved dog tag machine was at Wal-mart but being so thrifty I offered to make her some Shrinky Dink dog tags...

Shrinky Dink dog tags

We had temporarily named her in "I love Lucy" but come to find out her real name is Nikki, not to far off I guess. It was so cute to here Jaden say "come here Woosie!"

The dog tags aren't perfect but they will certainly do! I made her 3 just in case they don't hold up but I think they will, Nikki only goes outside to potty.

This wasn't the first dog to show up lately,about 3 weeks ago a large black and white dog showed up and I called AC and 2 days later his Mama called and they came and picked him up. His name was Jack, do you think Jack told Nikki that our house was the doggy safe house? "bark bark... go to that blue house with the white fence and they "bark" will help you find your way home!"bark bark" Who knows.....bark!