Friday, March 31, 2006

Link of the day...


KB VanHorn makes the cutest banners and pillows for your kids with their names on them.
She also makes lots of other cute baby and little kid stuff.
Check her out!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Can it really be 3 years since you were born?

Today was a beautiful day for a birthday, we started off with some brand new Toy Story dolls that I got on Ebay that were originally from Burger King that you paid extra for but of course that was 10 years ago so I had to try Ebay and lucked out and got Buz,Woody,Hamm and Rex they're all puppet dolls so that was kindof neat. I let him open them first thing and then put the movie on.

I'm making him a Woody's Roundup themed birthday party for the family with cowboy stuff and the Toy Story carictures. I'm making him a cow print vest and a red bandana just like Woody! He already has the boots and hat. Well he IS a cowboy after all.

We went into Wichita (20 min away) to see Grammie, Aunt Joni and my niece Amanda and her little boy Ryland and we all went to IHOP because Grammie thinks it is the only place to go right now so we humor her. :o) (but oh yum! pancakes!)

Jaden had pancakes with whipped cream, sausage and bacon of which he dipped in the whipped cream. That's right sausage and bacon in whip cream!!! Apperantly it's quite delicious!

The picture in this post is from when Jaden was about 1 1/2 and I let him climb on the fence to the horse arena. He is an adorable kid!

Happy 3 rd Birthday Jaden!!!

Mama loves you with all my heart!!!!

Tag you're it!

Here are some tags that I made the other day!
I think they turned out kind of nice, they have a laminated fabric feel and they washed up really well also!
Here is a picture of the tags after I made and cut them.
Sorry about the dim light but it's late and dark and I just couldn't wait to share!

I plan to use these on my sewn items that I sell on and craft shows.
I thought some for the kids clothes will be cute too.
I don't think I like the pinked edge for comfort on baby items so I'll probably make more with a strait edge.

Now you ask "How'd you do that?
Well.... I used iron on transfers for t-shirts and ironed them on a light weight gingham fabric and cut them out! Yes it was that easy!
Just make sure when you make your own, you reverse the image when you get ready to print or you'll have reverse images on your tag! (no I didn't do that this time!)
I also used a return address label making program so I only had to type the information once and it printed 30 on one sheet!
But I plan to make an assortment of tags that I can sew in my kids clothes, because have you ever looked at the pre-made ones at the fabric stores? UGLY!!!!
Wouldn't "Mama's little Monkey" look cute?
I'll post some more when I get them made.

Friday, March 24, 2006

My BIG 3 year old!

My oldest son Jaden is turning 3 on the 31st and it's so cool how
I can actually understand what he's saying, at least most of the time. *grin*
He is such a sweetheart! I love you sweetie!

Link of the day!

Here is a cool site that I ran across the other day, it makes me hungry!
Totally adorable polymer clay cupcake necklaces and other yummies.

Pancake Meow

What an angel!!!

I got out the camera and angel wings today and this is what I did...
Mr. Baby Gus is just about 3 months and quite the charmer!
Can you see the little wings?
I really love this little guy to pieces. xoxoxo
This is what bein' a mama is all about.

Monday, March 20, 2006

My new logo...

I was fiddeling around and came up with this today... I love dots! ;)

Sunday, March 19, 2006

This is my new little man...Gus

Here he is!!!!
Jacob Augustus "Baby Gus" for short.
He came into the world on December 29th 2005
at 3:03pm by c-section weighting in at 8lbs 7oz and 19inches long. What a sweetie!
I had went in for a sono at 1:00pm and the tech thought he wasn't moving enough (not at all) but all the other stuff was fine so she called the doctor up stairs in his office and they sent us up and by 3 I was a mama again!
It was really fast! I was kind of worried because my sister and mom wasn't there and we had our 2 year old with us!
They ended up having a nurse play with him so daddy could be in the room. My sis and mom showed up about 10 minutes later. whew!
I had a regular vaginal birth with my first son and so this was into the unknown again!
Gotta go... Gus is crying. ;)

Craft show set up

Here's a photo of my booth at one of the last shows I was in back in Nov. 05.

I was getting kind of big in my pregnancy and decided I needed to quit for a while. Man...sitting on a bar stool for 8 hours is ruff on pregnant legs! ;)

See my display idea to show off my onesies? It's like something you would hang a regular tshirt on but I slide a onesie on each arm and it's really cool because it draws my onesies up to eye level and really makes people come into my booth.

It took me a couple of sleepless nights to come up with a good display idea that wasn't too heavy and that I could make myself and carry easy. If anyone want's a closer look I can take some pictures.

If the weather clears up sometime and I can take pictures, I plan to post how I package my onesies. Pretty cool I think.......

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I've been gone for a while...

I'm sorry about being gone for so long, but with a new little baby in my arms and a active soon to be 3 year old, I seem to just get behind.

I plan to start using my idle time a little (hopefully!)better.

This weekend I'm doing a little open house show in my little town, where the local realtor has 6 homes open and has a few vendors in each house.

The majority of vendors are home parties like Stampin' Up! and skin care products etc...
So to say the least I am an original!
I hand embroider onesies with little sayings like stinky butt, mama's boy and the list goes on ans on.
You can see some of my saying at my web site .
The average onesie is $5 but some are a little more if there's lots of writing.
If anyones interested drop me an email.

I'm trying to upload some pictures but I'm having some difficulty for some reason....hum...
I know I'm not dence but something isn't working.

Soon I plan to start showing off some of my creations (crafts and kids) so you can see what makes me tick...