Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Things are looking up...

They really are. First off my Mother is home from the hospital and starting to walk on her own. I feel so lucky that she's still with us and not in any pain and starting to get some strength back. I love her very very much.

On a little lighter note, I did the craft show at the festival and did pretty good!
It's always nice to get a little money back from all those fabric purchases. :o)
This was really a flea market but there were a few crafters mixed in and I had a pretty good day all together.
I sold lots of onesies and got some orders and gave out a ton of business cards.
Last year was my first show and I was still getting special orders for 9 months after the show! yee haa.
Here's a new picture of my set up, I was getting rather low on merchandise when I snapped this pic. and the wind was blowing hard.
I plan to really revamp my set up and get a book together with onesie sayings that are categorized to help inspire customers.
I asked my husband for some ideas for cowboy sayings and here's what he said..

country boy
chicks dig me
hey ladies...i'm single
I'm up to somethin'
road the horse, won the buckle (my sis said this one)
Aren't those funny? I think so.

I also want to make some sample boards that show some names and initials
and little things that I can embroidery to.
I'll also be offering birth announcement onesies that have the babies info on it and then you can take a pic of your baby in the onesie and send it out with your announcements!

Baby Gus
Dec 29th 2005 3:03pm
8lbs. 7oz. 19in long
(or whatever the people want)
Oh the ideas are just swirling in my head about as fast as the wind outside is!
Now I have to finish my orders (almost done) and get started on my Craftster swap items so I can get to making some cute stuff for my boys and my shows!
I'll be posting my newest creations soon.


CC said...

It's no coincidence that things are going well. I mean, it is BLUEBERRY season after all. :)

Julie said...

Is it really? :)
I should have made more stuff!
Thanks for visiting silly frog.