Friday, July 21, 2006

Binky Blankets

Binky Blankets, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

I have some new baby items in my Etsy store!
Somehow I manage to get the kids occupied to get some sewing done! :o) Amazing!
Well these little handy things were designed out of necessity, when Gus was brand new he had a really strong sucking urge and after nursing was well established I introduced the binky to him, it was a real nipple saver for me! I remember Jaden nursing on me for hours.
I let my babies nurse on command but he took to the binky but didn't depend on it by any means.
So the reason I came up with this was because at night I would give him his binky and then I couldn't find it in the middle of the night and I got to thinking how it would be nice to have something to help me find it and the Binky Blanket was born.
It's really handy for cleaning spit-up too and you can see where it's at when it gets dropped, how many times have you lost a pacifier when you went shopping?

Update: All these Binky Blankets are sold!
I guess I need to get to sewing!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So much going on...

Hello, I've been gone for a few days and feeling guilty about not posting.

Lots of things have been happening around here, I had my mom over for 3 days, her lung cancer is stalled for now so I feel blessed to get to spend time with her and to have my children get to spend time with their Grammie. Because of that, I haven't been spending as much time on the computer. My mom is a very handy person to have around! She likes to hold Baby Gus most of the time she's here and he seems to be demanding that allot lately, now if we could just keep him from spitting up on her so much! :o)

On other news I am the new owner of a family heirloom that came from my Grandmother! It's a Hoosier cabinet! I haven't checked out yet to be sure it's actually a Hoosier but it's that type of cabinet. I don't care if it is or not really because it holds some really great memories of a woman that I loved dearly. Here's a picture of it in my home.

My Grandmothers Cabinet Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Sorry about the blur but I took about 8 pictures and finally gave up! I don't remember if this counter top stuff was on here when Grandma was alive, but I wish it had the original metal top. Oh well I say! I need to go down to the basement and find my other treasures that she personally gave to me, one was her coffee grinder and a little tea pot that she hand wrote "to Julie, love Grandma" I know that doesn't sound that impressive but she was over 100 when she died and it was amazing that she could actually write at the age she was at the time.

I miss her very much, she was the Grandma that everyone wanted, she had very long gray hair that she wore in a little bun and she could grow just about any vegetable that a country woman would want. Her fried chicken was too die for, we always had sliced tomatoes and sweet onions that she cut like an apple, we would dip the onion wedges in the real mashed potatoes and homemade pan gravy when we had Sunday dinner, ahh memories.

Just about a week before I found out about grandma's death I had had a very clear dream that Grandma came to see me at my bedroom window and told me that she would always love me and that she was sorry about all the problems we had had with my father (her son) that had problems with alcohol and she looked so wonderful and healthy and at peace. In my dream I had made a window box that had grass and pretty flowers and a little mini pond with swimming baby ducks and I told her that I had made it for her. I know this sounds silly but it was so real and wonderful that I got to say goodbye to her and to tell her that I loved her and to please come back and visit me. Then about a week later I was told she had passed. Talk about getting goosebumps! But if I had to have someone visit me from the other side, I would definitely want my Grandma to be the one!

OK, have I made up for my absence? Oh, you want something crafty, huh? I'll get right on that for ya! Well I need to get to bed, so everyone have a wonderful week and don't get to warm!

PS: that's right I have wood on my ceilings and floors and it's also on the walls in the living room too! Yeah, western decor baby!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pom pom chicky

Pom pom chicky
Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Here's a little pom pom chicky I made the other day with handmade pom poms.
Snow Bear inspired me here but hers are sooo much cuter!
It's funny how big the pom pom's start out and after all the trimming they get pretty tiny.
I sent this little gals sister to live with my 4 yr old niece and out of all the stuff I gave her, like the pink monster with pillow and blanket and a princess crown, she snatched this little peep and hauled it to her bedroom. I guess I should have just made her 3 of these and a little nest.
I was always drawn to little things and I still am so I can see why she liked it so much. :o)
I picked up some cream and black yarn at the thrift store yesterday and next I plan to make a little herd of sheepies.

Monday, July 10, 2006

My new laundry sorter

My new laundry sorter
Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

OK, you know I'm a dork when I get excited about a new laundry sorter! And take pictures of it!
Well, I've been wanting one of these for quite a while and I've been determined to get my house organized and make it look as uncluttered as possible. Is that really possible? I wonder

Friday, July 07, 2006

Sock Monkey Love

Sock Monkey Love
Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Sock monkey meet Gus!
I think this monkey is in love with my baby Gus!
Gus likes the monkey but he was a little more interested in trying to grab my camera because it was making all the little beeps and flashes. :o)
I took this picture while we sat outside waiting for the house to air out.
Air out ? you say?
Yes yes yes... well, I have a bit of a phobia about spiders and the other day when I started to go down to the basement there was this HUGE spider about the size of a 50 cent piece that just about made me jump on the ceiling, and that wouldn't be any small feat I tell ya. What's bad is that this wasn't the first one of these I've ran accross.
It was sitting on my Hubby's muddy boot and I just about walked right over it and then I seen it move and I went into combat mode!
My bug killers of choice are as follows...
1st Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner (great for ants but not HUGE spiders)
2nd Fly swatter (not strong enough)
3rd Broom
4th Shovel
If the 1st doesn't work then go to the next.
I think this particular spider made it level 3, it's now dead and laying on the step as a warning to all other spiders that may think to come up the stairs.
Now I just hope they aren't getting a group together to get me when I go to sleep at night. Please God protect me!
I don't think I was even able to sit through that movie about the spiders called Arachnophobia.

Ahem... I need to calm down and think of something more pleasant...
Well back to my baby and his sock monkey.
I made this monkey for my 3 yr old and he hasn't gave him much interest and being that Gus is really into toys right now I thought what could be cuter then these two in a picture?
Well maybe both of my boys, but Jaden was playing in the dirt making "dinner", he was happy playing so I let him be.
Can you believe this little guy is 17 1/2 lbs at just 6 months?

Monday, July 03, 2006

Sometimes I go nuts

Take Along Farm
Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

OK, well back around Easter I had seen some little bunny people on a blog and I just fell in love, they were from Playmobil (I'm now a huge fan) and it was a special Easter set that had a teacher bunny with students that he was teaching how to paint eggs, and lots of bunnies and things to feed them and the list goes on and on, well I bought about half of the set and have been hording them because I just have a hard time sharing them with a 3 yr old that isn't quite ready for them yet.
Can you imagine how hard it is to play with something that cute and only when your child's taking a nap? Impossible!
I decided finally to trim down the little dangerous items and leave them in the box and just play with the bunnies and we had so much fun!
So today Jaden was running around the corner and tripped and smacked his face into the door frame and hit his nose and upper lip. ouch! fat lip with a bloody nose.
Now my little man doesn't usually cry for very long when he gets hurt so I new this one smarted, he cried for about 5 minutes. wow!
So after we doctored him up he went down for a nap and Mama decided he needed a new toy. OK, maybe I wanted it!! fine! I'll admit it!!!
I new Target had this little Take Along Farm and it comes with over 60 parts for under $30! It has pigs, cats, bunnies, horses, mice, doves, and a farm family!!! (can you tell I love this?)
He's been playing with it all evening. :)
You should go check out their site, they have some really far out sets, and really reasonably prices to boot.
Check them out here... Playmobil

Here's a link to a list of some of the funnier Playmobil sets at Thingamababy.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My version of a wee folk doll

wee folk doll
Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Here's my try at a wee folk doll from Sally Mavors book called Wee Folk.
I used acorn caps from my mom's front yard.
My maiden name was Oaks and she has 2 large oak trees that flank her drive way. The squirrels have a hay day with all the acorns.
Did you know that Sally Mavor actually has some of her own handcrafted wee folk for sale on her site here?
And their actually pretty affordable!
If I only had some extra cash. yeah right! :o)

Swap treasures

Swap treasures
Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Here are the 4 little babies and crocheted bag that Louise of Prairie Mouse sent me from New Zealand when we did a swap.
Aren't they adorable? I sure think so! You can see more pictures at Flickr here
I send her some Shrinky Dink plastic and a bunch or freezer paper which she can't get there.
Here's a link to her new blog .
See for yourself she's talented beyond belief! xoxo

I am getting a package of goodies rounded up for her as an additional thank you for the little babies, I don't think the shrinky dinks and freezer paper was worthy of such workmanship!
Make sure you check out her new blog, this gal is a treasure!
Love ya Loulou!