Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Me vacuum sealed

Me vacuum sealed
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Fresh from the meat department, no expiration date.
looks like I put a little lotion on my face and neck too, I guess for longivity.
All done with photoshop.
(look at what strange things I do when I'm bored while nursing at the computer!) LOL!

Monday, March 19, 2007

I'm trying out a new baby sitter!

I've never had a baby sitter for the boys except for my oldest sister Joni, she watches the boys when I have a appointments for hair, doctor or lately my sewing classes to learn how to work all the bells and whistles on my new Bernina. The only problem is, is that I feel like I owe her for baby sitting and she refuses money and she's on a diet so I can't bring her candy or sweets! LOL!
That's what I'd want if I was watching someones kids... let me tell ya!
I brought her a bouquet of flowers the time before last but her kids are all older so trading is out. I am eternally grateful for her helpfulness but Hubby and I just decided that we needed someone that we could call on to watch the boys when we needed a date night and a baby sitter would be great.
Someone that would be thrilled to make a little cash and I wouldn't feel like I owed them anything except a little $. :)
She's 14 and coming over in the morning to play with the boys while I try to get some sewing done. Spring break is this week so it's perfect to try her out.
I so hope the boys like her and she likes them, I want to get all my non-essential stuff cleaned out of the basement this summer and have a huge garage sale and donate a bunch so I can have a true craft room (not just behind the sofa!) with a place for the boys to play while I'm sewing.
I have lots of craft supplies that I will probably won't ever use so I've been toying with the idea of listing it in my shop for cheap. Like Sam Walton of Wal-Mart always said "Stack it Deep and Sell it Cheap!" I just need to get the deep stacks out of my basement!
So wish me luck on the baby sitter thing and hopefully all goes well and Daddy and Mama can go have a date some night! Yeah baby! :o)
We soooo need it.....

Friday, March 16, 2007

The computer is back! Yipee!!!

Can you believe it? 1 month and 10 days later, I can seriously say that I will probably never purchase anything from CompUSA again.
I called the other day when we were at the zoo and finally got thru to the tech department and they said my computer was in, did they call my house or my cell to tell me like they said they would? NO!!!
I would have been really mad if I went all the way home (45 miles one way) and found out it was in. gurr.
THEN... when I went in to pick it up the power cord wasn't with it and I asked the guy where it was and he said "let me go check" and he came back with a piece of paper that said N/A where they check for power cord!
I never took my laptop case out of the van so I know I left it with them, well like a wimp I am I said OK, I'll check at home but I will be very angry if it isn't there and it's still at the store! It wasn't at the house of course, so I called and they just happened to have one that would fit.
So I sent my husband to work with my precious laptop and he stopped by and picked it up on the way home from work.
Unless somethings really really bad, I don't think I'll ever turn my little baby into there tech shop again!
On a better note, they didn't wipe all my information off the computer so it's just like it was when it left. yipee!
Have a great weekend everyone. xoxo

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Me and the boys at the zoo

Me and the boys at the zoo
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I picked up a really cute picture frame the other day at Hobby Lobby that's decorated like it's a scrapbook page and has MOM and a sweet definition on it, so I decided I needed a cute picture with me and the boys for it, and today was supposed to get up above 75 (it did!) and yesterday my Mother-in-law called and wanted to go to lunch and shopping for my birthday so I figured a cute picture would have to wait. We ended up meeting for lunch and we all went to the zoo together and then shopping. Fun day indeed!
Then I woke up at 5:45 am and realized that the hubby was still in bed! I guess it was just going to be too pretty of a day today to go to work, when I asked him if he had hit the snooze button too many times he told me he was planning to stay home and take us to the zoo! We have a family membership but the zoo is huge and we usually don't get to all of it, well we did today and I am beat!
I usually go to bed around midnight but I think I'm heading there at 10 tonight! Too much sitting in the house all day and all this sunshine and walking wiped me out! I'm a puss. :oP
See my shirt? I got bleach on it the other day and decided to get my bleach pen out drew some flowers and squigglies and butterflies, it
's OK but I think I'll add some fabric paint to decorate it a little more.
I'll post pictures when it looks right. :o)

Friday, March 09, 2007

New Binky Blanket Sample

New Binky Blanket Sample
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It's a bit smaller then the original just because it's a sample.
I can't decide if I want to call it..
Binky Tamer
Blueberry Mama Binky Boss (my favorite so far)
The Binky Wrangler
I would love to hear imput from anyone! :)

I made my first bias tape ever last night!
I used the instructions I found online
HERE and HERE And then I used a Bias Making Tool you can get just about anywhere but here's a pic HERE
It was pretty easy but time consuming the first time, but now I know what I'm doing so the next time should be alot easier! hopefully!
One of the good things about making my own is that I can have just about any color or pattern I want and a little fabric makes a ton of bias tape! LOL!
This sample is also made out of white flannel instead of terry, it's so much easier to sew on, not messy and has nice results.
I'm going to check into the high quality flannel the quilt stores sell to see if it doesn't pill as bad as the regular stuff.
The colors are much brighter in person, I haven't installed my photo shop elements program on this computer.
I just called CompUSA and my computer is still in Texas! ARG!
Oh and I also found my cell and I was the one that lost it, NOT GUS!
(I'm sorry I blamed you Gussers xoxo)
It was in my computer hutch in my address book that I was using earlier that day.
I found it at 4 am when I got up to let my dog out to go potty, the house was quiet (amazing!) and I actually got enough signal to hear it ring 2 times!!! Yipee!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

$$$ Cha Ching! $$$

Well, my husband stopped by CompUSA and talked to the store manager, he was very apologetic about the all the problems and poor service and said that they had fired most of the tech help in the past month and that he was very sorry about what had happened.
I guess he really didn't want my husband to call his superior because when he asked Dan "what can I do to make this right? Dan replied "refund my warranty fee!" and he did!!!!!
He gave Dan $397.00 cash!!!
Wow! that's going to make a dent on paying our new computer off!
The manager told Dan that it should be back later this week, and that he had called down to Texas and talked to the guy that was actually working on my computer so I guess we'll just have to wait and see when it comes back.
I told Dan to "give'm hell sweetie!" just before he went in the store and I was just thinking it would be nice to get a stack of rewritable CD's for free to make up for the inconvenience, I think my sweetie did A WHOLE LOT BETTER THEN THAT!!!!

Oh also today Gus got ahold of my cell phone and I can't find it, the phone only works intermittently here at the house so if I call my cell I get one very muffled ring and with 2 little ones in the house I can't hear where it's coming from before someone yells or starts fussing!
I guess when the battery runs low it will start doing those annoying chirps and hopefully I'll find it then.
So wish me good vibes on the computer and finding my cell phone! oh!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Has it already been a month?

My computer is still in the shop and I've called them at least 5 times I get someone different in their tech dept each time and they told me that there was a problem with the computers numbers and the ones the home office has on file for my extended warranty, I thought we got that taken care of about a week and a half into it being in the shop, then I called Monday and they said it was in FedEx's hands the guy on the phone didn't have many answers so

I decided to have my husband go in and talk to them in person, sadly at least around here if you have a man do the talking most of the time you get things done. Dan went in and talked to the guy at CompUSA yesterday (March 5th) and the guy pointed to my computer on the rack and said it hadn't ever left the building!!!!!!! They have had my computer and told me it was in Texas being repaired and it's never even left the building! Can you believe that S#IT????

I am at such a lost without my computer, we went and bought a new little laptop that's going to be mainly for Dan when I get mine back because it has all my programs and favorites on it and I'm just used to it. I had been thinking about getting another computer because I don't like to share mine (I know!)
I tried for a while to get along without a computer in the house by cleaning all the time but that only lasted for about 3 weeks. The house looked great but it's starting to look a little more like it's old self again. *grin*
I've been crafting a little but Gus is getting his bottom molars in and he's being VERY clingy, staying up till 11:30 at night but at least he's sleeping good once he finally goes to sleep and so it's a bit of a challenge to sew with a toddler on my lap, I can nurse at the keyboard but sewing is a whole nother matter.

I've also ran out of the washcloths that I use for my Binky Blankets so I have to sort of reinvent them, I'm leaning towards french terry but I have to just find the time to get a new batch made up so I can make new listing for my shop on Etsy.
Hopefully I can get some made up this week and listed, If anyone wants one before I get them listed on Etsy just drop me a note and I can get one made up for ya.
Oh also, I decided to make all my items in my shop F REE SHIPPING!!! cool huh? I thought so!
Take care and I'll write again soon. xoxox