Monday, December 31, 2007

For the love of monkeys

For the love of monkeys, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

I did an online trade with a sweet lady at Birthdesigns for one of her beautiful phrase cuffs.
I hope her little monkey enjoys my creations.
onesie with a monkey and bananas,
Red Heel sock monkey and a little snack sack lined with water resistant diaper fabric, perfect for holding apple slices or cheerios. :)

Bonnie made me a sweet cuff that says...
My sweethearts... Jaden, Gus Gus, Jilli and Dan with little hearts stamped in between the names. very darling.
I think we both made out like bandits!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Getting big!

Getting big!
Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

It's hard to believe that Gus Gus is already 2!

Gus is really into tractors and Daddy is really into John Deere so what better theme to do?
The problem I ran into was a huge lack of Deere themed items.
I think I did alright though,
The banner really tied it all together I think.
His big brother helped me with the coloring, he has such and eye for color. LOL

What you do when there isn't any party supplies you like...

Look how pretty!
Originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

I didn't find any John Deere birthday supplies for Gus' 2nd birthday in town (at least at the couple of places I looked) so I decided to just do it myself.
Green plastic table cloth, 1 1/4 yds of John Deere fabric with the edges ripped for accent and plastic cups that I decorated with puff paint tractors and then I sharpie markered the names of the guests on there cups.
The dirt cake has a tractor doing cement work on one corner with a chopped cookies and cream candy bar.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm finally back

Things have been very busy around here the past 9 months!

Not only have I started and almost completed cosmetology school but I got pregnant too!

That part wasn't planned (can you tell? LOL)

I've also kicked the depression I was feeling so that's been a wonderful side effect to being busy.

Certainly no time to think about sad things when I'm out of the house by 7:30am and not usually home till 6pm or later 5 days a week.

Now about the pregnancy... we found out this one is going to be a girl!! yippee!!!

I am absolutely in love with my boys and I'm really excited to get to have a little girl too so I can make dresses and dolls for her. :)

This little girl is due to make an entrance on March 31st 2008, which happens to be Jadens birthday. I've been sticking with "J" names which was how my immediate family was named so with Jaden and Jacob already we decided on Jillian.

Jillian Sage and she'll be called Jilli or Jillibean.

My husband suggested JilliAnn, I think because my mom was JoAnn but I'm not sure I like that as well as Jillian but we have 3 1/2 months to decide I guess.

I've been reading all the great crafty blogs and getting very inspired to craft so I promise to be posting some crafty posts soon. :)

So I'll leave you with the Christmas photos I took of the boys this year we're sending out as cards.

Have fun and happy crafting!