Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Link of the day....

Jan Andreas' Sleeping Baby
What's nice about this site is it gives you instructions for lots of popular baby items that you can make yourself at a fraction of the cost!
I like the baby slings and the breastfeeding shirts instructions.
Lots of good information

I have a new mini van!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter!
We did alot of driving both Saturday and Sunday going to the 2 different sides of the family to visit.
It's nice to see people you don't usually get to see.
Something else that happened was we purchased a new mini van!
We got an '06 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT so we now have enough room to put 3 extra people in the car if we need.
My mother has lung cancer and she stays with us half of the week (the other days with my other sisters) and we were driving a Pontiac Vibe and it was just big enough for 2 adults and 2 car seats, I guess you could fit a 10 yr old in between the car seats but that was about it, so when the hubby and I and my mother decided to go out to eat, we had to drive 2 cars!

I really liked my Vibe it was little sporty and blue, that's where I got the idea for my business name. We always called it the Blueberry and I'm the mama that drives it so therefor I was Blueberry Mama.

Now what do I do? This new van is twice as big and gold (so the dirt don't show:)
I think I'll just stay Blueberry Mama. :o)
The new van has stow and go seating so I will be all ready for craft shows this year!!! yipee!!!!!!
In the past I've had to depend on others to help me get all my stuff to the shows but not now.
I will have to take baby Gus this year, ya know with me breastfeeding and all.
I don't mind, he's going to be my little display model.
What better sales booster then a little adorable baby in one of my hand embroidered onesie?

I can't think of one single thing better then that! :o) xoxoxo

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Link of the day...

So adorable I think I need one to help me get through growing my bangs out.

Silly Mama!

Introducing Groucho at 3 months!
Keep checking back for the upcoming family portrait. he he he!

See! He really didn't mind mama having a little fun. :0)

Use what you have month

April is use what I have month ! Started over at Simple Sparrow and I think this is going to be great and a bit of a challenge and she designed this recycle symbol with fabric patterns.
Friday I went into town and stopped at Hancocks and picked up some patterns, one for baby shoes and one for some cropped pants for Jaden. I'm thinking of making some reversable pants but I don't have that large of quantity of any one fabric so I just might have to wait. bum.
But on a happier note... I have tons of fabric I can use to make just about anything that requires 1/2 yard of fabric or less. I think I could make baby Gus some pants though. ;o)
Have a breautiful Saturday!