Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do you ever do stupid stuff?

OK, so I buy a package of Andes mints mini chips for making cookies or whatever with, with the full intentions of just nibbling here and there on them. :oD And I put them in the freezer in a zippy bag along with a metal spoon and not thinking much about nuthin' I go into the kitchen and pull my little "treat bag" out, scoop up some bits and put the spoon in my mouth and WHAM! the stupid thing sticks to my lips and tongue! stupid stupid stupid (note to self: use plastic spoon next time) Just add this to my latest stupid stuff I've done list.

On to something that isn't stupid....

Here's cute site that I ran accross www.Jelene.com she makes the cutest pictures I especially love the dog in a banana car!

Have a great week everyone. xoxox Julie

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sunday was a bad day

It all started out well enough. I washed 3 loads of laundry, 1 load of dishes and vacuumed all before noon (this isn't normal for me to clean that much in one day!) I was feeling pretty good until I tripped on my canister vacuum and sprained my toe. ouch! I thought maybe I broke it but I didn't thankfully!

THEN... I was getting ready to go into my Mom's house to help out with the estate sale and Dan had pulled my mini van out to weld something from my Moms house for me and when he finished I put it in the van through the back hatch and decided I should pull the van into the garage because with the wonderful Kansas wind I didn't want Gus to get sick, so I finished putting the welded item in the back, pushed the close hatch button on my key fob and heard the beeps that say the door is going down and got in the drivers seat and started to drive into the garage....BAM.... the hatch had not gone down and I hit the garage and broke the back glass and wiper blade mechanism on my new mini van!!!!

Tempered glass shards went everywhere, I put a small dent in the top of the garage door frame. shoot! (OK, so I said a few more choice words then that!)

I started crying and went inside to tell Dan and went back out to clean up the mess.

THEN... Gus woke up and fell off the bed. He's fine, nothing a little breast milk wouldn't fix. I felt like a clumsy stupid dumb a** and a bad mother all in a matter of an hour. I used to have a real problem with letting myself get into a real lather and spiral into a bit of a mild depression when stuff like the van and Gus getting hurt happened, I would start badgering myself, telling myself how stupid I am and so forth. But I realized one time that if I was my own best friend I would be sitting there telling myself "OH STOP THAT!!!! your not stupid or a bad mother!!!!" and that has helped me a ton. I find myself getting over things allot faster and being more apt to just getting up and getting on. Good advice for anyone.

Kind of like "don't cry over spilt milk".

I was going to take pictures of the broken window for all your pleasures but didn't take the time and just decided to get that baby to the car fixin' doctor.

Baby Gus is fine, I WILL NEVER PUT HIM ON ANYTHING ELEVATED TO SLEEP AGAIN! I already made a little quilt pad to put on the floor for naps. If anyone knows of something that would work better, please let me know. :o)

Oh, I thought I might add that we co-sleep so I don't have a baby bed and our new mattress from my Mom is a double pillow top so the bed rails hardly ever go about 1 inch above the top of the mattress. The problem so far on putting him on a pallet on the floor is we have laminate floors and even though the house is a comfortable temperature it's cold on the floor. I guess it's still better then falling!

Oh a little happier note, we just about have everything ready to go at Moms house for the estate sale and I brought home 3 large storage tubs of really great fabric!!! I think Mom would be happy I'm keeping it.

Take care everyone!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

She's still taking care of me :o)

The other day I went to my Mom's house to help my oldest sister go through all the things in the house because we're going to have an estate sale and she needs my help, well my sister took down a bowl off the top shelf in the kitchen and priced it and started to put it back towards the back but it bumped against something so she asked me to reach and see what it was. I pulled down another small glass bowl and said "maybe I should check farther back" well.... I touched some paper and pulled it down and there in my hand was an envelope with my name Julie wrote on it in my Mothers handwriting and inside was $50!!!!!!!!

You see my Mom had a real nack for saving money and she would save mine for me if I needed her to (whether I wanted her to or not!). Apparently she had asked me at one time or another if I wanted her to save said money for me and I said yes. Well I started crying and said "Thank you Mama!" and my sister was hooting, hollering and saying that we should split it 3 ways! I THINK NOT! :O) IT HAD MY NAME ON IT!!! LOL!!!

She really is still taking care of me I guess, because when we brought her home from the hospital with Hospice she had been really out of it and sleeping non-stop and my sister went through the kitchen and cleaned and lined the shelves with paper and ran out just when she got to the shelf that had my money on it. strange!

I'm trying not to dwell on my Mom's passing and boring you all, but I wanted to tell you about what had happened because it made me happy.

Also, Mom came to me in a dream the other day during a nap and I simply talked to her and told her I missed her dearly and asked her how Heaven was and she said she was temporarily set up in a nice little room kind of like a nice hotel room but she would be moving to a really nice home close to all her family. She spoke like she was having a wonderful time and I got a since that she had lots going on and she didn't have time be sad missing us, then the phone rang and woke up. shoot, I was having a nice conversation with her, maybe she'll come back and visit someday.

No I'm not nuts! Remember I talked about my Grandmother visiting me around the time she died? Who knows but I like the visits, so keep them coming Mom! Now what to do with the money???? Pay bills? Naw... how bout some food? :o)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween Puppy

Halloween Puppy
Halloween Puppy, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

I know it's a little late..but here's Jaden in his Halloween costume.
He's a puppy!
I'm glad that I picked this type of costume because it was down right cold outside that night.
He's wearing black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt with little furry cufts on his wrists and ankles then I made a furry neck band with ribbon that looks like a dog collar where I put on a couple of keychain circles and a tag that says "Puppy", I then took a black adult stocking cap and cut the top and sewed some floppy fur ears and sewed them in. I was able to put a coat on under the sweatshirt and some little black gloves so he was as warm as a flea on a poodle!
I hooked the retractable dog leash around his waist and he barked as we walked down the street. Too cute!

Baby Gus fell asleep in Dad arms so he didn't get go to the festivities in town, but when we got home he was awake so we dressed him up in his teddy bear outfit and went to Grandma CJ's house.
All in all we got just the right amount of assorted candy so it was lots of fun.
It took Jaden a few times to get the say "trick or treat!" to get the candy. He wanted to do the trick part! I would say "sit puppy" and he would sit. Silly pup!