Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Me and the boys at the zoo

Me and the boys at the zoo
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I picked up a really cute picture frame the other day at Hobby Lobby that's decorated like it's a scrapbook page and has MOM and a sweet definition on it, so I decided I needed a cute picture with me and the boys for it, and today was supposed to get up above 75 (it did!) and yesterday my Mother-in-law called and wanted to go to lunch and shopping for my birthday so I figured a cute picture would have to wait. We ended up meeting for lunch and we all went to the zoo together and then shopping. Fun day indeed!
Then I woke up at 5:45 am and realized that the hubby was still in bed! I guess it was just going to be too pretty of a day today to go to work, when I asked him if he had hit the snooze button too many times he told me he was planning to stay home and take us to the zoo! We have a family membership but the zoo is huge and we usually don't get to all of it, well we did today and I am beat!
I usually go to bed around midnight but I think I'm heading there at 10 tonight! Too much sitting in the house all day and all this sunshine and walking wiped me out! I'm a puss. :oP
See my shirt? I got bleach on it the other day and decided to get my bleach pen out drew some flowers and squigglies and butterflies, it
's OK but I think I'll add some fabric paint to decorate it a little more.
I'll post pictures when it looks right. :o)

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