Friday, March 16, 2007

The computer is back! Yipee!!!

Can you believe it? 1 month and 10 days later, I can seriously say that I will probably never purchase anything from CompUSA again.
I called the other day when we were at the zoo and finally got thru to the tech department and they said my computer was in, did they call my house or my cell to tell me like they said they would? NO!!!
I would have been really mad if I went all the way home (45 miles one way) and found out it was in. gurr.
THEN... when I went in to pick it up the power cord wasn't with it and I asked the guy where it was and he said "let me go check" and he came back with a piece of paper that said N/A where they check for power cord!
I never took my laptop case out of the van so I know I left it with them, well like a wimp I am I said OK, I'll check at home but I will be very angry if it isn't there and it's still at the store! It wasn't at the house of course, so I called and they just happened to have one that would fit.
So I sent my husband to work with my precious laptop and he stopped by and picked it up on the way home from work.
Unless somethings really really bad, I don't think I'll ever turn my little baby into there tech shop again!
On a better note, they didn't wipe all my information off the computer so it's just like it was when it left. yipee!
Have a great weekend everyone. xoxo

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