Friday, March 31, 2006

Tag you're it!

Here are some tags that I made the other day!
I think they turned out kind of nice, they have a laminated fabric feel and they washed up really well also!
Here is a picture of the tags after I made and cut them.
Sorry about the dim light but it's late and dark and I just couldn't wait to share!

I plan to use these on my sewn items that I sell on and craft shows.
I thought some for the kids clothes will be cute too.
I don't think I like the pinked edge for comfort on baby items so I'll probably make more with a strait edge.

Now you ask "How'd you do that?
Well.... I used iron on transfers for t-shirts and ironed them on a light weight gingham fabric and cut them out! Yes it was that easy!
Just make sure when you make your own, you reverse the image when you get ready to print or you'll have reverse images on your tag! (no I didn't do that this time!)
I also used a return address label making program so I only had to type the information once and it printed 30 on one sheet!
But I plan to make an assortment of tags that I can sew in my kids clothes, because have you ever looked at the pre-made ones at the fabric stores? UGLY!!!!
Wouldn't "Mama's little Monkey" look cute?
I'll post some more when I get them made.


Rachel said...

Hi. I saw your comment on SouleMama and thought I'd check out your tags. A great idea. I had thought about using transfer paper, but didn't think about using a printed fabric background. I like the gingham you chose. very nice.

Julie said...

Thanks Rachel!
The printed fabric gives me unlimited ideas!
I think just a soft pastel would be nice also.
By the way, you are the first person to write a comment on my blog!

Cathy said...

I think it is a clever idea as well. I might have to try it soon!