Sunday, March 19, 2006

Craft show set up

Here's a photo of my booth at one of the last shows I was in back in Nov. 05.

I was getting kind of big in my pregnancy and decided I needed to quit for a while. Man...sitting on a bar stool for 8 hours is ruff on pregnant legs! ;)

See my display idea to show off my onesies? It's like something you would hang a regular tshirt on but I slide a onesie on each arm and it's really cool because it draws my onesies up to eye level and really makes people come into my booth.

It took me a couple of sleepless nights to come up with a good display idea that wasn't too heavy and that I could make myself and carry easy. If anyone want's a closer look I can take some pictures.

If the weather clears up sometime and I can take pictures, I plan to post how I package my onesies. Pretty cool I think.......

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