Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Can it really be 3 years since you were born?

Today was a beautiful day for a birthday, we started off with some brand new Toy Story dolls that I got on Ebay that were originally from Burger King that you paid extra for but of course that was 10 years ago so I had to try Ebay and lucked out and got Buz,Woody,Hamm and Rex they're all puppet dolls so that was kindof neat. I let him open them first thing and then put the movie on.

I'm making him a Woody's Roundup themed birthday party for the family with cowboy stuff and the Toy Story carictures. I'm making him a cow print vest and a red bandana just like Woody! He already has the boots and hat. Well he IS a cowboy after all.

We went into Wichita (20 min away) to see Grammie, Aunt Joni and my niece Amanda and her little boy Ryland and we all went to IHOP because Grammie thinks it is the only place to go right now so we humor her. :o) (but oh yum! pancakes!)

Jaden had pancakes with whipped cream, sausage and bacon of which he dipped in the whipped cream. That's right sausage and bacon in whip cream!!! Apperantly it's quite delicious!

The picture in this post is from when Jaden was about 1 1/2 and I let him climb on the fence to the horse arena. He is an adorable kid!

Happy 3 rd Birthday Jaden!!!

Mama loves you with all my heart!!!!

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