Saturday, March 18, 2006

I've been gone for a while...

I'm sorry about being gone for so long, but with a new little baby in my arms and a active soon to be 3 year old, I seem to just get behind.

I plan to start using my idle time a little (hopefully!)better.

This weekend I'm doing a little open house show in my little town, where the local realtor has 6 homes open and has a few vendors in each house.

The majority of vendors are home parties like Stampin' Up! and skin care products etc...
So to say the least I am an original!
I hand embroider onesies with little sayings like stinky butt, mama's boy and the list goes on ans on.
You can see some of my saying at my web site .
The average onesie is $5 but some are a little more if there's lots of writing.
If anyones interested drop me an email.

I'm trying to upload some pictures but I'm having some difficulty for some reason....hum...
I know I'm not dence but something isn't working.

Soon I plan to start showing off some of my creations (crafts and kids) so you can see what makes me tick...

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