Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sunday was a bad day

It all started out well enough. I washed 3 loads of laundry, 1 load of dishes and vacuumed all before noon (this isn't normal for me to clean that much in one day!) I was feeling pretty good until I tripped on my canister vacuum and sprained my toe. ouch! I thought maybe I broke it but I didn't thankfully!

THEN... I was getting ready to go into my Mom's house to help out with the estate sale and Dan had pulled my mini van out to weld something from my Moms house for me and when he finished I put it in the van through the back hatch and decided I should pull the van into the garage because with the wonderful Kansas wind I didn't want Gus to get sick, so I finished putting the welded item in the back, pushed the close hatch button on my key fob and heard the beeps that say the door is going down and got in the drivers seat and started to drive into the garage....BAM.... the hatch had not gone down and I hit the garage and broke the back glass and wiper blade mechanism on my new mini van!!!!

Tempered glass shards went everywhere, I put a small dent in the top of the garage door frame. shoot! (OK, so I said a few more choice words then that!)

I started crying and went inside to tell Dan and went back out to clean up the mess.

THEN... Gus woke up and fell off the bed. He's fine, nothing a little breast milk wouldn't fix. I felt like a clumsy stupid dumb a** and a bad mother all in a matter of an hour. I used to have a real problem with letting myself get into a real lather and spiral into a bit of a mild depression when stuff like the van and Gus getting hurt happened, I would start badgering myself, telling myself how stupid I am and so forth. But I realized one time that if I was my own best friend I would be sitting there telling myself "OH STOP THAT!!!! your not stupid or a bad mother!!!!" and that has helped me a ton. I find myself getting over things allot faster and being more apt to just getting up and getting on. Good advice for anyone.

Kind of like "don't cry over spilt milk".

I was going to take pictures of the broken window for all your pleasures but didn't take the time and just decided to get that baby to the car fixin' doctor.

Baby Gus is fine, I WILL NEVER PUT HIM ON ANYTHING ELEVATED TO SLEEP AGAIN! I already made a little quilt pad to put on the floor for naps. If anyone knows of something that would work better, please let me know. :o)

Oh, I thought I might add that we co-sleep so I don't have a baby bed and our new mattress from my Mom is a double pillow top so the bed rails hardly ever go about 1 inch above the top of the mattress. The problem so far on putting him on a pallet on the floor is we have laminate floors and even though the house is a comfortable temperature it's cold on the floor. I guess it's still better then falling!

Oh a little happier note, we just about have everything ready to go at Moms house for the estate sale and I brought home 3 large storage tubs of really great fabric!!! I think Mom would be happy I'm keeping it.

Take care everyone!

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