Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Do you ever do stupid stuff?

OK, so I buy a package of Andes mints mini chips for making cookies or whatever with, with the full intentions of just nibbling here and there on them. :oD And I put them in the freezer in a zippy bag along with a metal spoon and not thinking much about nuthin' I go into the kitchen and pull my little "treat bag" out, scoop up some bits and put the spoon in my mouth and WHAM! the stupid thing sticks to my lips and tongue! stupid stupid stupid (note to self: use plastic spoon next time) Just add this to my latest stupid stuff I've done list.

On to something that isn't stupid....

Here's cute site that I ran accross www.Jelene.com she makes the cutest pictures I especially love the dog in a banana car!

Have a great week everyone. xoxox Julie

1 comment:

mama k said...

haha! sounds like something I would do.

This is KaiyaSue from DJ BTW. : )