Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pom pom chicky

Pom pom chicky
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Here's a little pom pom chicky I made the other day with handmade pom poms.
Snow Bear inspired me here but hers are sooo much cuter!
It's funny how big the pom pom's start out and after all the trimming they get pretty tiny.
I sent this little gals sister to live with my 4 yr old niece and out of all the stuff I gave her, like the pink monster with pillow and blanket and a princess crown, she snatched this little peep and hauled it to her bedroom. I guess I should have just made her 3 of these and a little nest.
I was always drawn to little things and I still am so I can see why she liked it so much. :o)
I picked up some cream and black yarn at the thrift store yesterday and next I plan to make a little herd of sheepies.

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