Friday, July 21, 2006

Binky Blankets

Binky Blankets, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

I have some new baby items in my Etsy store!
Somehow I manage to get the kids occupied to get some sewing done! :o) Amazing!
Well these little handy things were designed out of necessity, when Gus was brand new he had a really strong sucking urge and after nursing was well established I introduced the binky to him, it was a real nipple saver for me! I remember Jaden nursing on me for hours.
I let my babies nurse on command but he took to the binky but didn't depend on it by any means.
So the reason I came up with this was because at night I would give him his binky and then I couldn't find it in the middle of the night and I got to thinking how it would be nice to have something to help me find it and the Binky Blanket was born.
It's really handy for cleaning spit-up too and you can see where it's at when it gets dropped, how many times have you lost a pacifier when you went shopping?

Update: All these Binky Blankets are sold!
I guess I need to get to sewing!

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