Friday, July 07, 2006

Sock Monkey Love

Sock Monkey Love
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Sock monkey meet Gus!
I think this monkey is in love with my baby Gus!
Gus likes the monkey but he was a little more interested in trying to grab my camera because it was making all the little beeps and flashes. :o)
I took this picture while we sat outside waiting for the house to air out.
Air out ? you say?
Yes yes yes... well, I have a bit of a phobia about spiders and the other day when I started to go down to the basement there was this HUGE spider about the size of a 50 cent piece that just about made me jump on the ceiling, and that wouldn't be any small feat I tell ya. What's bad is that this wasn't the first one of these I've ran accross.
It was sitting on my Hubby's muddy boot and I just about walked right over it and then I seen it move and I went into combat mode!
My bug killers of choice are as follows...
1st Lysol antibacterial kitchen cleaner (great for ants but not HUGE spiders)
2nd Fly swatter (not strong enough)
3rd Broom
4th Shovel
If the 1st doesn't work then go to the next.
I think this particular spider made it level 3, it's now dead and laying on the step as a warning to all other spiders that may think to come up the stairs.
Now I just hope they aren't getting a group together to get me when I go to sleep at night. Please God protect me!
I don't think I was even able to sit through that movie about the spiders called Arachnophobia.

Ahem... I need to calm down and think of something more pleasant...
Well back to my baby and his sock monkey.
I made this monkey for my 3 yr old and he hasn't gave him much interest and being that Gus is really into toys right now I thought what could be cuter then these two in a picture?
Well maybe both of my boys, but Jaden was playing in the dirt making "dinner", he was happy playing so I let him be.
Can you believe this little guy is 17 1/2 lbs at just 6 months?

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