Monday, July 03, 2006

Sometimes I go nuts

Take Along Farm
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OK, well back around Easter I had seen some little bunny people on a blog and I just fell in love, they were from Playmobil (I'm now a huge fan) and it was a special Easter set that had a teacher bunny with students that he was teaching how to paint eggs, and lots of bunnies and things to feed them and the list goes on and on, well I bought about half of the set and have been hording them because I just have a hard time sharing them with a 3 yr old that isn't quite ready for them yet.
Can you imagine how hard it is to play with something that cute and only when your child's taking a nap? Impossible!
I decided finally to trim down the little dangerous items and leave them in the box and just play with the bunnies and we had so much fun!
So today Jaden was running around the corner and tripped and smacked his face into the door frame and hit his nose and upper lip. ouch! fat lip with a bloody nose.
Now my little man doesn't usually cry for very long when he gets hurt so I new this one smarted, he cried for about 5 minutes. wow!
So after we doctored him up he went down for a nap and Mama decided he needed a new toy. OK, maybe I wanted it!! fine! I'll admit it!!!
I new Target had this little Take Along Farm and it comes with over 60 parts for under $30! It has pigs, cats, bunnies, horses, mice, doves, and a farm family!!! (can you tell I love this?)
He's been playing with it all evening. :)
You should go check out their site, they have some really far out sets, and really reasonably prices to boot.
Check them out here... Playmobil

Here's a link to a list of some of the funnier Playmobil sets at Thingamababy.

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