Friday, February 02, 2007

Teacup pot

Teacup pot
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This is HUGE!
I found this cool giant tea cup flower pot at Wal-mart. sweet
I have been meaning to replant the tall plant you see here for, ummm, about oh, 3 years (hows that for procrastinating?) and finally did it.
It was originally sitting on my window sill above my kitchen sink somehow surviving on the original little bit of potting soil it came with.
I'm a bad plant mama but it just kept living and growing new leaves!
I guess if this little baby is this strong she deserves a nice new pot and a little ivy roommate.
With this thing on my dining room table do you think I might maybe be able to keep my table clean? doubtful.

Oh, can you see Gus peeking from behind the cup?
If you didn't notice before, he was peeking through my Bernina in my post about my new sewing machine. what a ham.

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Jaime said...

I love that tea pot!