Wednesday, August 02, 2006

You use cloth diapers? Why????

Well, yes I do! Why????? So I don't have to buy disposables anymore! I finally got the guts to do it, what started it all was a trip to the thrift store where I eyed a couple of stacks of flat fold diapers tied with a string for $1 for 12 and there were 2 bundles. I thought hey! I could sell those on Ebay! They sat on the counter for about a week and I decided they were probably a little too heavy to ship so I just kept looking at them thinking I wanted to do cloth diapering but could I really do it? I'm proud to say we are on day 3 and no leaks!
Gus is big enough that he doesn't do the poo every day and with all the research I've done it really isn't all that bad. What's another small load every couple of days? Nothing really. I wash a load about every day anyway.
Do you realize how much money you could spend if you had it and wanted to do cloth diapers? well there are people selling what they call All in Ones that are basically just a cloth version of a disposable for $55 each!!!!!! insane I tell ya!
Now my 2 dozen flat folds cost $2 and I found a very nice Bummis wrap for 75 cents. Then I won 3 more nice used wraps for $17.50 (Ebay), 7 Snappis fasteners for $10 (Ebay), 5 wrap seconds from Prowrap for $31 and that totals $61.25! I was buying a $15 box of diapers for Gus every week so these should pay for their selves in a month. Then it's money that can go to other more important things. Fabric? *wink*
I also decided to start taking my canvas and mesh bags with me to Wal-mart to have the cashiers (OK me!) bag my groceries in them. I have a garage that isn't attached and I seem to always buy heavy stuff so I can carry more in these bags then those cheep plastic bags. I tell myself that's my only reason for doing it but deep down I think I really want to be more environmental.
I'm starting to feel a little bit crunchy! Look at me I'm a Breastfeeding/Co-sleeping/Sling Wearing/Cloth Diapering Mama! (and I love tie dye too!)
Real reason I ...
Breastfeed : IT'S FREE, no bottle washing, it's already warm!
Co-sleep : I'm a sucker for a snuggly sleepy baby and my baby sleeps and doesn't cry, and I don't have to get up to go feed him!
Sling wearing: I make spoiled babies and they like to be carried.
Cloth Diaper: After a month or so these babies will have paid for them selves!
I think I've rambled on long enough, if anyone cloth diapers or sews your own I'd love to hear about your experience!

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