Sunday, August 06, 2006

Binky Blankets and Memories

I decided that I better get busy and get some more Binky Blankets whipped up and listed in my Etsy shop because all but one of the last bunch sold, yippee! I listed 7 so I've been gettin her done! :o)
So here's a little look at one with a little fairy mushroom house reminiscent of the little Smurfs house I had as a child. Man I loved those! I even had a little car too.
I'm 38 now and I still have Smurfette up in my medicine cabinet, I think one of my dogs got to her but she's a trooper and still looking pretty as always.

I have very sweet memories of my mom letting me pick out a little smurf just about every time we went to the mall to pay the Sears bill, she was a single mom raising 3 girls without any support from my father but she still managed to buy me lots of those little Smurfs.
I actually played with them and my Sunshine Family dolls quite a bit!
I don't ever remember thinking we had it bad, I guess we had lots of love between the four of us ladies and we still are quite close.

I asked my Aunt the other day if she had any of my old baby pictures that had been at my grandparents home and she said she would look and sure enough she brought me a large manila envelope of my childhood photos.
There's one that had a picture of me and my cousin at Christmas Eve and I have my Sunshine Family dolls sitting like I was queen and my husband pointed out to me that my cousin Brian and I were practically dressed like the dolls! How funny is that?
I need to get them scanned so I can share them here.
Now I just need to go to my mom's house and see if I can find my dolls, boy did I play with those for allot of years!

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