Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Self portrait

Self portrait
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I've been wondering what type of picture to use for my banner, you know, one that shows you who I am but not too distracting.
So I got to thinking what I should do is put on my favorite clothes and snap a picture.
I love over-alls, I know they aren't really the most flattering garments but with all the pockets they really rock! And these are a pair of my favorites, I bought them new and over the years they have became so soft! Then I put on one of my favorite shirts, I like this one because it's such a pritty burnt red color with the little teeny flowers and the little ruffle at the neck! Then of course I had to put in the scissors in the pocket! Well I couln't put the sewing machine in it! :)
Hopefully this get's across who I am.
I'm a strong yet soft person that likes to sew. (don't laugh sis!)
I think I actually managed to not photograph my double chin in this shot too! Gotta love that!

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