Saturday, June 24, 2006

Adventures of a baby monster

My creation
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Here is a few of the pictures of the little baby monster we found in the garden under a mushroom. He was crying his eyes out and was groaning for his mama. I think she must have just wandered off and left him.
Such a sad ending it could have been if we hadn't found him in time!!!
Gus and Jaden have taken quite a liking to him and named him Pilcher, luckly he doesn't eat anything but weeds and spiders (2 things I hate!) so he's a very good thing to have around!
We think we might just have to go back and see if we can find some more!

These pictures show Pilcher playing hide and seek with Jaden, stealing a ride on the garden tractor sprinkler, sun bathing in the flowers and his mug shot just in case he get's lost again.

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