Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Gus and I

Here's what I did the other morning.
I've heard of Self portrait Tuesdays but I seem to always do this on
It was really beautiful in the morning, Gus was his usual smiley face so I thought I'd put on a little makeup and put a little curl in the hair and get Gus dressed and set the timer on the digital camera!
Jaden was still asleep so he didn't get to be in the shot until later and by then it was getting a little hot and he wasn't wanting to be cooperative.
I had told my hubby the night before that I didn't have any pictures of Gus and I except for the one quick shot of me laying in bed with him in my arms right after my C-section! And I had just had my hair done that morning and it had all that gel and hairspray in it and I think I looked pretty bad from laying with a hair cover on for an hour or so.
My hubby said I looked fine but I needed a more vertical picture. :)
It's funny how I take pictures of all my family, and no one takes any of me. I guess that's what I get for living 30 miles from my sisters and in a home with a cowboy and 2 little kids!
Who would take pictures if I wasn't here? NO ONE!
So I guess I just have to set the camera on the timer every now and then and do it myself!
So here ya go... my picture. more to come someday....:)

PS I just noticed that this picture has some strong similarities with my blog photo (minus the flowers in my hair)! Red shirt, child in denim, holding child on left side! I think I need to try something new. :) But those are my favorite colors.

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twitchy fingers said...

That is soo true - seems to me that its only mother's that want to take snaps of their loved ones together. I have to beg my husband to take them of me and L!