Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Happy 70th birthday Mom

My Moms Christmas drawing, originally uploaded by mama_blueberry.

Today would have been Moms 70th birthday, she was only 2 months away.
While my sisters and I went through her fabric stash I came across some of these Christmas drawings that she had done from a pattern, what's so funny was that it was intended to look like a little kid had drawn the pictures but with the way Mom wrote she was able to pull it off.
I think she did this at a time when she was wanting to craft and we were all too busy to want to do any crafting with her and so she did these.
Drawn on muslin (the correct color is in the bottom picture) with permanent fabric markers and colored with crayons.
I think these are just adorable. I'm going to add some Christmas fabric around the edges and make it into a pillow.
I think the pattern was something like Brown Paper Bag or something like that, I searched and couldn't find them any more.
Here's a close up of the Santa. :)

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LoriLaurieLauri said...

Oh wow! What a find! Definitely do something with them...make a pillow or even just frame them and hang them up!