Thursday, October 05, 2006

She's gone

Mom Mothers Day 2005

Mom passed away this morning at 7am peacefully in her bed in her own home. My sister was with her and noticed that her breathing had gotten labored so she quietly told her that it was OK to go and that we would all be alright and she died a short time later.
JoAnn Oaks will be missed more then I could ever put into words.
My mother was very strong and knew how to take care of herself and her family and we were her life.
I had a chance to tell her one of the last times she bounced back from being so close to dying that I was so proud of how she raised us girls all on her own and how grateful I was for all the hard work she always did for us and that I loved her with all my heart so I was at that place where I could let her go to heaven to be with everyone she missed.
Mom would have been 70 on December 5th this year, way to young to be taken but she had a good life and has a family that loved her very much.
We decided to bury mom in a pretty red fleece top with her fanny pack purse that she ALWAYS had one and her hiking boots so she can go camping on Heaven Mountain instead of Colorado this time. I'm going to put a fresh pack of her favorite Wrigley's Double Mint gum in her fanny pack so she has it if she needs it.

I love you mom, I'm sorry about putting this picture of you on the net, but I think you look cute in your little cover girl pose. *wink wink*

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