Friday, October 13, 2006

My first fancy AIO cloth diaper

Well, I know I can sew but sometimes I don't give myself very much credit.

I bought this pattern for the Very Baby Very Basic All in One cloth diaper pattern recently from The Diaper Shop and I've been just looking at it for a couple of weeks, and with all the sad things going on I haven't been motivated to clean my house just so I can start sewing so I finally cleared a pile and cut out the diaper. I think it turned out pretty cute, it looks just like the pictures on there site minus the little Very Baby tag, so I was pretty surprised! I tried to sew with Jaden around and he just can't keep away from the mesmerizing magic of a sewing machine in use so it was a little challenging to say the least! LOL I was reading in the diaper making forums that one mom suggested sewing while the children are sleeping and I think this is a grand idea, but today Gus went down at 11 till 3 and Jaden went down for his nap at 2 and he'll probably be down for 2 1/2 hours so today that just ain't going to happen, but that's OK. I was just too motivated.

Gorgeous Gus the cloth diaper model

Here's Gorgeous Gus modeling his new diaper, I think he approves. :o)

I wanted to make some like this so my husband can't say that "Cloth diapers are just too complicated for me!!!" (he builds airplanes for goodness sake!), this style is called an All in One because it works just like a sposie but you wash them instead of trashing them. Now what's his excuse? :o)

I made it with an outer layer of PUL fabric which is a waterproof fabric on the inside and a soft polyester on the outside and the inside is 2 layers of Super Flannel with a flannel double that has I think 6 layers so I think this is going to work really nice. I have enough fabric to make probably 4 more just like this.

I should have got in gear earlier this summer so I could have made some really cute prints and just put on a t-shirt so I could show off my cloth diapers! It's really fun to see peoples expressions when I say I use cloth diapers. (she must be really stupid and/or poor!!!) Well, not stupid or poor, just on a tight budget with a huge imagination and a sewing machine! ;o) The premade Very Baby diapers retail for about $18.50 on the net!

I'm also going to go Saturday to check out a shop in a nearby town that rents space in their gift shop so I can sell my baby items locally without going to craft shows to do it. Man those craft shows are a ton of work and with Baby Gus now I don't see any craft shows happening very soon!

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