Sunday, September 24, 2006

She's doing better!

Mom's doing better, bless her soul! She kept asking when she was going home and then proceeded to stop declining so they said we could take her home!
She's now at her house and between my 2 Sisters, my Aunt and I we are there around the clock.
I stayed over this weekend and she actually was quite alert and talkative which is really a change and this morning I asked her if she wanted her regular toast with butter and jelly and she turned up her nose and said she wanted an Egg McMuffin from McDonalds!
Now this is the lady that's hardly ate more then 2 bites of anything.
She's a real trooper I tell ya!
I know she's not going to get "better" but every day that I get with her is a treasure. xoxo
I wanted to thank everyone for the sweet and caring words you have all told me, I really can't express how much it's means to me.

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