Thursday, August 10, 2006

I was a Sunshine Family girl!

Look at how proud I was with my new dolls!
This is me (6) and my little cousin Brian (2) on Christmas Eve 1974.
My Aunt had this and lots of other pictures of me growing up.
They had been at my Grandparents home and when they passed, they got packed up and stored in my Aunts basement.
I've been asking her for them for the past 4 years, but I wasn't being buggy or anything. But she retired recently and I guess she decided to go digging and delivered me about 12 pictures or more of me as little as 6 weeks all the way up to about 16. Funny how I always thought I was rather hefty all those years, well not when I was 6 weeks old silly! But looking at the pictures I wasn't really that "Large" until I hit about 17. What a waste of worry.
Now about the Sunshine Family!!! Oh I really loved these dolls!
I think I played with them for years!
Isn't it a little funny (and not planned) that Brian and I are practically dressed like the dolls? I'm in pants and his pants are a different color and print, but gosh!!!!!
Brian is 5 years younger then I am and he and his wife are expecting their first baby in September, I'm really excited for them.
I remember his first Christmas, he was born December 7th and on Christmas Eve Aunt Betty had dressed him up in the cutest little Santa suit and I thought I had a real doll to go with my new Baby Alive. Aunt Betty has a picture of me sitting in a chair packed with pillows holding Brian in one arm and my Baby Alive in the other with the biggest cheesiest smile I could muster for a 5 year old.
Oh by the way my husband is only 4 months older then Brian that makes him 4 1/2 years younger then me. huba huba!
Talk about strange I was enough older then him to have memories from the time when he was born.
And his mom is only 4 years older then my oldest sister.
I was the youngest child and he was the oldest child.
I wonder if I was as well behaved as I looked in this picture?
Probably not. :oD

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