Sunday, August 13, 2006

King Jaden

Here's the new Kings crown I made for Jaden recently.
I wanted to call him a prince but he quickly clued me in that he was KING!
This was made from a sweater that I picked up at the thrift store for $1 and then I felted it in the washer which took about 3 times and it's pretty dense! I cut it out and did a little needle felting to add "jewels" and a green letter J and then whip stitched around it to finish.
I added a little elastic and covered it with matching red fur in the back so it'll fit for a while. Pretty decent for my first try at felt crown making don'tcha think?
Well the King was happy anyways. :o)

King Jaden Here's a shot of the King playing on my laptop.

He likes to navigate around at Nick Jr playing games and watching videos.

He starts asking to play just about whenever I'm on the darn thing!

If I'm not in the mood to share I just tell him Nick Jr. is taking a nap and so far that seems to work. I know bad mama! :oD

When he was about 2 1/2 I left him playing on Sesame Street tickling Elmo and he came in the kitchen saying "E" "E" "E" and I agreed with him then he opened his hand and there laid my cute little "E" button from my laptop!! Do you know how hard it is to get a key back on a laptop? Let's just say for about 3 months every time I used the E key it did this Julieeeeeeeeee. I was determined I wasn't going to give my up my computer for who knows how long so I ended up fixing it myself. I did built airplanes for 6 years, surely I could get a key back on a laptop!

It only took me about an hour and lots of !$%*& words to go with it! Oh did I ever tell you about the time Jaden stuck a pencil in my sewing machine where you plug in the foot pedal and broke off the lead? I now it was just the 2 yr old curiosity but MAN was I mad. I fixed that too. I figured I better try before I spend $50 just to have the guy take 2 minutes and fix it and say "here ya go, good as new!" A good tip if you ever decide to take something apart like a sewing machine is to take a picture with your digital camera BEFORE you take anything apart, then you can look at the pic and see how it goes back together! LOL live and learn!

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